Printing Technology:


To join in Diploma Printing Technology ,one must appear in POLYCET examination and should attend councelling where student is offered to select the college on his interest. Colleges will be alloted based on the Polycet ranks.


Course Learnings

Sem 1

English-1 - Engineering Mathematics-1 - Engineering Physics-1 - Engineering Chemistry & Environmental Studies-1 - Printing Systems - Basic Mechanical Engineering - Engineering Drawing-1 - Printing Workshop-1 - Chemistry Lab - Computer Fundamentals Lab-1

Sem 2

English-2 - Engineering Mathematics-2 - Engineering Physics-2 - Engineering Chemistry & Environmental Studies-2 - Printing Materials - Basic Electrical Engineering - Engineering Drawing-2 - Printing Workshop-2 - Physics Lab - Computer Fundamentals Lab-2

Sem 3

Engineering Mathematics-3 - Flexo Gravure & Screen Printing - Post Printing Operations - Image Processing - Design & Advertising in Print Media - Sheet fed Offset - Communication Skills Lab - Flexo, Grave & Screen Printing Lab - Image Processing Lab - Sheet fed Offset Lab

Sem 4

Publishing Softwares - Paper & Ink - Colour Separation & Management - Modern Plate Making Methods - Printing Machine Maintanence - Publishing Softwares Lab - Print Quality Assurance Lab - Modern Plate Making Methods Lab - Print and Product Finishing Lab - Programming Lab in C

Sem 5

Industrial Training

Sem 6

Digital Imaging - Web Offset Printing - Printer's Accounting & Estimating - Industrial Mgmt. & Enterpreneurship - Advanced Printing Technologies - Packaging Technology - Digital Imaging Lab - Web Offset Machine Lab - Printing Machine Maintanence Lab

Employment Oppurtunity

Composing DTP, filmmaking, Printing, etc., and self- employment in the above fields and package industries.

Further studies

Through ECET, Printing Technology student can join in Btech in following Courses:

The student must clear ECET through Mchanical(MEC) paper to be eligible to enter the above courses.

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