Course Content:

Introduction to the general safety, Saw and the Plane, Introduction to timber, Hand tools, Workshop appliances, Framing Joints, Dovetail joints, Seasoning of Timber, Holding tools, Striking tools, Hand Tools and portable power tools - curve cutting saws, Wood working machines, Basic pattern making work, Core and core prints, Common Sheet Metal Tools, basic principle of repairing work and repairing technique.

Skills acquired:

On completion of the course the trainee acquires the skills of marking, joining, fitting, assembling, finishing, turning and all other wood-working machine work. Thereafter the trainee is able to do marking of and making any furniture works, as per the drawing such as cabinetwork, house, hotel furniture, etc.

Options for employment

are Wood Craft Technician in any woodwork Industries or in any Government department and PWD as a carpenter, MPT, Military, Nehru Science Centre, Zuari furniture, Gautier furniture etc.

Options for self-employment are:

They can earn more by starting a small carpentry workshop. It is a highly valuable way of earning by manufacturing different types of furniture and also giving employment to those who are unemployed skilled workers.