Course Content:

Trade introduction, Hand Tools and Electrical Safety, Electrical Basics, Battery/Cells, Electrical components and protective devices, Passive components, Analog Electronic components, Basic Test and Measuring instruments, Electrical and electronic, cables, sockets, connectors, preparation and terminations, Soldering & De-soldering various components, Digital Electronic ICs, Opto Electronic components, Analog electronic circuits, Digital electronic circuits, Wave shaping circuits, Linear Integrated circuits, CRO, Power electronic components, Power electronic circuits, Power supplies, Stabilizers and SMPS, Switching circuits, UPS, PCB preparation, Repair and Design (including SMD components), Microprocessors, Optical fibre cables, components and systems, Electronic Communication basics and Antennas, Basic instrumentation and Industrial sensors, actuators and controllers, PIC microcontrollers, PC Hardware, Computer software, Industrial Electro pneumatics, Digital displays ( alpha numeric, LCD, LED ), Solar power panels and Equipment, Cell Phones, Telephones & EPABX, PA System, VCD/DVD Players, AM/FM Receivers, TV Receivers (Flat, LCD,LED), Domestic Appliances , Cable TV/ DTH, Security Systems (CCTV ), Industrial Wiring and panel building, PROJECT WORK : Electronic control mechanism for Elevator and conveyor belts, Industrial training OR Project work preferably in cross sectoral trades.

Skills Acquired:

On completion of the course, the trainee shall be expert in identifying various electronic components mounted on Printed Circuit Board (PCB), solder them on Printed Circuit Board using different soldering techniques and detect faults in them. Side by side he/she will get a chance to handle various electronic instruments such as CRO, LCR meter, TV pattern generator etc. and make practical use of them. He/she will get a chance to assemble various electronics circuits such as power supply, timers and other hobby electronic circuits on printed circuit board. Fault finding in TV’s (Television) of various brands, Audio CD and VCD players. He/she will be introduced to digital electronics branch and various computers software packages such as MS-Word, MS-Excel, Power Point, and Internet, e-mail, HTML programming & multi-media.

Options for employment are:

In Multi-National Companies as a Service Engineer, Shop floor technician, and operator in maintenance section; in reputed Government undertakings: Telephone Department, Railway Recruitment Board, All India Radio and Doordarshan.

Options for-self employment are:

Can start their own firm, where they can undertake repairs of television, video and audio CD players. Can take dealership of all electronic goods and start trading Business. Can take Electronic Maintenance of equipments in factories under Annual Maintenance Contract. Can start their own business in such as printing, scanning, Internet etc.