Course Content:

Study of Machines and Equipment used in chemical Industry. Introduction to Safety of men & machine and prevention of fire and hazards in chemical Industry. Usage of PPEs & First Aid. Environmental pollution sources and causes. Role of an operator in chemical industry. Units and measurements related to all the requirement of chemical industry. Usage of tools and tackles applicable to operate and maintain a chemical industry. Engineering drawing. Usage of Precision measuring tools used in chemical Industry. Mechanical engineering / fitters jobs related to chemical engineering detail theory and practical including working on machines and to make jobs on the same. Chemical Engineering laws, fundamentals and detail theory and practical. Mechanics and theory of machines. Laws of physics related to chemical industry. Study of Metallurgy and metals used in chemical industry. Water treatment and effluent treatment as required in chemical industry. Steam generation and related laws and fundamentals.

Skills acquired:

Chemical process details. Working principle of various types of pumps, compressors, turbines, blowers, fans, valves, reactors, columns, furnaces, boilers, heat exchangers. Understanding the control philosophy, safety requirements of plants including safety valves, trip systems and logics. plant startup procedures, plant / equipment testing procedures, plant shutdown procedures, plant running and emergency handling of plants. Details of handling of various chemicals, Catalysts. Standards required for run chemical plants and facilities including IBR, API. Understanding of various Materials of construction. Fault finding / Analysis of performance of all the equipment as mentioned above. Learning of plant / Machinery operation on panels / DCS. Learning of isolations of machines, draining, purging, testing and preparing to take back in line with all safety / statutory requirements fulfilled.

Option for Employment:

All Chemical, Fertilizer, Pharma and Petroleum (Oil and Gas) and Power Plants (Water treatment) will be able to recruit these trainees