Objective’s of the Course

  • To train the students to scientifically undertake all operations of animal husbandry and dairy technology and to create employment potential and man power for dairy development.
  • To prepare young and enthusiastic entrepreneur for self- employment through dairying and dairy associated activities.
  • Skills to be provided.

  • Vaccination of animals.
  • First aid and treatment of basic health problems.
  • Artificial insemination techniques and pregnancy diagnosis.
  • Techniques in marketing of milk and milk products.
  • Maintenance of dairy equipment.
  • Milk collection and transportation.
  • Conducting farmers training.
  • Job Opportunities

    Wage Employment

  • Veterinary Assistant/Livestock assistant/Dairy farm assistant
  • Milk Procurement Supervisor/milk procurement assistant/paid secretary/Dairy Extension assistant
  • Artificial insemination assistant/inseminator/Gopal mithra assistant
  • Dairy Laboratory assistant
  • Farm supervisor/Farm assistant
  • Fodder production assistant/supervisor
  • Dairy products manufacturing assistant/supervisor/processing supervisor/Dairy Technician
  • Milk and milk products sales promotion assistant/marketing supervisor/Distribution assistant
  • Cattle feed Technician/Cattle feed supervisor/feed analysis assistant/cattle feed assistant
  • Assistant in food analysis.
  • Paid secretary cooperative society
  • Instructor/teaching assistant/tutor (+2 level)
  • Self Employment

  • Dairy farm owner
  • Dairy products manufacturer
  • Fodder producer
  • Cattle feed manufacturer
  • Setting up milk parlour
  • Artificial insemination centre owner
  • Milk and milk products distributor
  • Milk collection centre owner
  • Biogas plant operator
  • Contract services for dairy oriented works

  • Comment Section

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