Crop Production Management:

Objective’s of the Course

  • To develop manpower with scientific knowledge and skills for sustainable fish production.
  • To provide knowledge about the functioning of the co-operative societies.
  • To provide knowledge about the credit facilities and supporting schemes.
  • To acquaint with farm accounting record maintenance
  • Skills to be provided.

  • . Identification of field problems- nature and extent.
  • Identification of aquatic animals.
  • Identification and quantification of various fisheries inputs.
  • Methodology of fisheries input use.
  • Safety measures in input use.
  • Calibration of farm machinery.
  • Assessment of labor requirement for farm operation.
  • Lay out of field experiments.
  • Identification of diseases.
  • Calculation of requirement of manure and feed.
  • Weighing the samples and chemicals, preparation of samples, laboratory reagents, handling and operation of lab equipment.
  • Managerial skills, ability to convince, exposure to different communication media.
  • Job Opportunities.

    Wage Employment

  • Laboratory Field Assistant/ Farm Assistant/ Field Man/ Supervisor/ Sub-inspector including equivalent position in fish and shrimp farms.
  • Field Investigator/Field demonstrator/ Village coordinator.
  • Farm Manager.
  • Laboratory Assistant in aqua farms, hatcheries and processing plants.
  • Field marketing Assistant.
  • Seed production Assistant.
  • Farm storage Assistant.
  • Jobs in fishery co-operatives.
  • Opportunities in State Fisheries Department.
  • Self Employment

  • Fishery input Supplier.
  • Seed producer.
  • Fish producer

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