Objective’s of the Course

  • To prepare the students enable to assist the Physiotherapist and occupational therapist in district hospitals, General Hospitals Rehabilitation Centers and teaching hospitals ,where in the complicated procedure and techniques can be handled by qualified therapists , and routine and elementary procedures can be entrusted to these middle level workers, thereby relaxing the qualified therapist from routine jobs.
  • To prepare the students to assist the doctor in the PHC/Rural Rehabilitation Centers.
  • Skills to be provided.

  • .Recognize various systems of function of body parts.
  • Proper use and handling of equipments.
  • Develop skills in
  • Job Opportunities.

    Wage Employment

  • Laboratory Field Assistant/ Farm Assistant/ Field Man/ Supervisor/ Sub-inspector including equivalent position in fish and shrimp farms.
  • Field Investigator/Field demonstrator/ Village coordinator.
  • Farm Manager.
  • Laboratory Assistant in aqua farms, hatcheries and processing plants.
  • Field marketing Assistant.
  • Seed production Assistant.
  • Farm storage Assistant.
  • Jobs in fishery co-operatives.
  • Opportunities in State Fisheries Department.
  • Self Employment

  • Fishery input Supplier.
  • Seed producer.
  • Fish producer

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