Retail Management:


  • To understand the Basic concepts of Retail Marketing & Management
  • To impart skills to the students on the servicesprovided by the retail marketing industry.
  • To impart skills in various Non banking and allied financial service areas.
  • To acquire computer operational skills with Knowledge of accounting, packages, etc..,
  • To prepare the students for taking up wage and self employment.

Skills to be attained

  • Skills in Marketing & Retail Marking Services
  • Skills in Mutual Funds,Stock markers, Chit Funds, Micro Finance etc..,
  • Skills in Computer Proffesion i.e., MS Office, MIS, Accounting Packages, Data Base etc..,
  • Skills in Banking Related Services.
  • Awareness about Banking Activities and Banking to Customers.


a)Wage Employment

  • Super Bazaars / Malls/ Hotels
  • Direct Selling Agency
  • Recovery Agency
  • Mutual Fund Companies
  • Micro Financial Institutions

b)Self Employment

  • Posatal Saving Agency
  • Banks Direct Selling Agents
  • Verification Agents
  • Recovery Agents
  • Establishment of Micro Finance
  • Door Step Banking
  • Establishment of Chit Funds
  • Money lending / Pawn Brokers

Comment Section

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