Objective’s of the Course

  • To train the students in mulberry cultivation, farm maintenance, seed Technology, Silkworm rearing, Silk Reeling.
  • To make the students to understand and identify the mulberry, silkworm diseases and pests.
  • To make them to learn the skills necessary for self employment in mulberry leaf production, seed production, silkworm rearing, cocoon reeling and by products collection.
  • To give maximum exposure to leaf quality, seed cocoon quality, seed quality, commercial cocoon quality, fiber quality, so as to get maximum returns in practice.
  • To make them to learn all the commercial parameters of cocoon for assessment of cocoon quality.
  • To understand and estimate the leaf production in a particular mulberry plot.
  • To give employability and job opportunities in the public and private and govt. sectors.
  • To guide and give counseling to become entrepreneur.
  • Skills to be provided.

  • Land selection, preparation.
  • Mulberry twig selection, plantation, protection.
  • Methods of mulberry propagation.
  • Mulberry cultivation methods; leaf selection, collection and preservation.
  • Seed cocoon selection, moth selection, pairing and egg production (DFL’S)
  • Egg preservation schedules, Acid treatment.
  • Chawki rearing, late age rearing, co-operative rearing.
  • Reeling on country charka, cottage reeling machine, epprouvette.
  • Silk cleaning, examination, lacing, skeining, baling.
  • Farm management skills.
  • Job Opportunities.

    Wage Employment

  • Operative (Grainage)
  • Operative (Mulberry Cultivation)
  • Operative (Extension)
  • Operative (Rearing)
  • Operative (Reeling)
  • Lab Attender ( in college having voc. Sericulture)
  • Cultivator/Labour (daily wage)
  • Self Employment

  • Mulberry nursery
  • Grainage
  • Sericulture service centre
  • Mulberry grower
  • Silkworm seed supplier
  • Mulberry propagator
  • Bye-product supplier
  • Silkworm Rearer
  • Silk Reeler
  • Silk Twister
  • Seed Rearer
  • Cocoon Supplier
  • Chawki Rearing Center(C.R.C.)

  • Comment Section

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